We wish all of our children and families a lovely, summer holiday. See you all on Wednesday 25th August.
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St Paul's Church of England Primary School

Uniform Information

The wearing of school uniform and PE kit is compulsory at St Paul’s. The uniform is extremely smart and does much to engender pride in the school, as well as creating a sense of identity and belonging.  The uniform is also comfortable, practical and hard-wearing.


Please ensure that all items of clothing are clearly marked with your child’s name.


Where access to uniform is difficult e.g. during periods of Covid-19 restrictions, there will be flexibility within the uniform code. Please see school newsletter for up-to-date information.


Main Uniform Expectations


  • Blue sweatshirt or cardigan with school logo
  • Blue polo shirt with school logo
  • Grey school skirt or easy to get on/off pinafore
  • Grey school trousers or school shorts (not tight-fitting)
  • Sensible black school shoes with plain white, grey or black socks.


No jewellery is permitted except for simple, plain stud ear-rings in pierced ears. We asked that no earrings are worn on PE days. (Please see Partnership Books.) If deciding to have ears pierced, the start of the summer holiday is the best time, as earrings can be taken out by the time we return to school.


Uniform expectations may be modified for religious or cultural reasons. Please contact the Headteacher.


Hair Styles

These should be neat and tidy with long hair tied back to avoid the spread of head lice. Hair should be of a natural colour with no close shaving or sharp contrasts in length. Large and elaborate hair accessories should not be worn and any simple bobbles, clips and hair bands should complement school colours. (Blue, black or blue gingham).


Seasonal Wear

Black or grey tights may be worn in winter and blue gingham dresses in summer. Please note that after October 1st, winter uniform must be worn: no summer dresses.  This is to ensure that the children are warm enough during playtimes and outdoor learning opportunities. 

Gingham shorts or shorts-dresses are not permitted because of safeguarding issues related to accessing school toilets. 

Children should have a sun hat in the summer and a school coat or similar coat in the winter.

White ankle socks with a blue gingham trim are permitted with summer dresses.


PE uniform

  • White plain T-shirt
  • Black plain shorts
  • Black plimsolls (optional but useful for indoor PE)
  • Plain black tracksuit tops and bottoms (no logos, badges or stripes)
  • trainers for outdoor P.E.  and The Daily Mile (predominantly white or black uppers)


Swimming lessons currently in Year 5. Children should have swimming trunks (no Bermuda style shorts) or a plain 1-piece swimming costume. Swimming hats must be worn. 


Children should have a school book bag in Years R- Y4.  In Year 5 and Year 6, a school rucksack may be purchased instead.

No other school bags are permitted.


The school office keeps a number of items, for purchase, including:

  • book bags
  • PE bags
  • sun hats/caps
  • swimming hats


Many non-logo items can be purchased from supermarkets or other stores.


Our approved suppliers for items with the school logo are:

The PTA have a supply of clean, nearly new uniform. Watch out for playground sales or contact the school office if you wish to obtain an item for a small voluntary contribution.


If your child accesses Pupil Premium Funding, items of uniform, with the school logo, are available free of charge. Please speak to the school office or fill in the form below and hand it in to the school office.