Timings for drop-off are 8.45-8.55am (R,Y1,Y2) 8.55-9.05am (Y3-6). Collection is 3.10-3.20pm (R,Y1,Y2) and 3.20-3.30pm (Y3-6). Please use the Village Hall path and one-way system.
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The Pupil Admission Number (PAN) for this school is 30 per year group (1FE).  The Standard Number refers to the number of children who may be admitted to each year group.


Admissions are co-ordinated by Leicestershire Local Authority and their website can be found on or by telephoning 0116 3056684.


Follow the links to admissions once on the LA website.


 Should you wish to apply for a place for your child at this school, please do this through the local authority. If a child is refused a place at the school, the parents have a right to appeal to the Local Authority, details of how to do this are on their website.


The Admission Policy for the Local Authority is attached for further information.


A Summary of Priority Criteria are as follows


  • Children in public care and those previously looked after

  • Pupils who live in our catchment area

  • Pupils with an older sibling at school at the same time

  • Pupils with serious medical or exceptional social or domestic needs that make it essential they attend our school.

  • Pupils basing their application on religious belief

  • Pupils living nearest to the school measured in a straight line distance from home to school front gate


Combinations of the above criteria are used where appropriate, in priority order.


Exceptions to the class size limits are detailed in the Local Authority Policy (4.13)


All children who gain a place in our Reception Class will be admitted at the beginning of the academic year to ensure equality of opportunity. 


For in year admissions children may start school on the first Monday after admission is confirmed.  If admission is confirmed on a Thursday or Friday children will not start on following Monday. Their start date will be the Monday of the next week.


This applies to catchment and out of catchment pupils and is to ensure that no child is disadvantaged by their point of entry to our School.


Parents of children who are unsuccessful in gaining a place will be informed in writing on the date laid down by the LA, and will be told of their right to appeal.


Parents who are considering sending their child to this School are warmly encouraged to visit, by making an appointment to see the Head Teacher.