Welcome back. We hope you had a good half-term. Key Stage 2 (Y3-6) Golden Worship in on Friday at 2.40pm.
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St Paul's Church of England Primary School

Pupil Groups at St Paul's


Applications open at the beginning of each school year.


Children have to fill out a form, giving their ideas about how they will contribute to the group. Some groups will be voted for within classes. Others will be selected by staff.


The Pupil Groups elected are as follows:-


Worship Team

This groups helps to deliver collective Worship, evaluates Worship and speak to link governors.


Worship Team also attend services at Leicester cathedral and support during Church Services at St Paul's Woodhouse Eaves.


School Council

This group helps to organise the charity fund-raisers in school, such as 'Children in Need'.

They also give their ideas on how we can spend the donations from the PTA.


Playground Pals

This group help the midday supervisors by helping everyone play well together and organising games for the younger children.


House Captains

The Year 6 children are eligible for these roles; a boy and a girl from each house.

They collect the House Point totals up each week.

They also meet and greet visitors at open days and events.

They plan and organise their own fundraising event in the summer term.


IT Technicians

Two Y6 children, each day, set up the hall computer for music and and visual resources that may be needed during Worship. Very often, they select the song to fit the theme of Worship.