Congratulations to both girls' and boys' Y5/6 football teams: both silver medalists in the county finals!
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St Paul's Church of England Primary School

Spring 1

Theme Learning Question:

What happened in 1666?


Curriculum Coverage:

In Maths we are learning about addition and subtraction number bonds to 20. We are also going to practice counting, reading and writing numbers to 50 in numerals and being able to recognise the place value of each digit in a two-digit number (tens, ones).


In English our class text is 'The Lion Inside' by Rachel Bright. In our writing we learning about how to make nouns plural by adding 's' or 'es' and how to join words and clauses using the conjunction ‘and’. We are also going to look at how to punctuate questions with a question mark. We are working on reading words that end with ‘s, -ing, -ed, -est and –er and checking that our reading makes sense and that we have understood the story.


In our theme lessons we will be finding out about the historical events of London in 1666 and how it compares to London today.


In Science we will be learning about how and why we use different materials based on their properties.

In RE our Christian value is respect. We will also be learning about different places of worship and why they are important for communities.