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St Paul's Church of England Primary School

Autumn 1

Theme Learning Question:

What is in our solar system and beyond?

Curriculum Coverage:

In Maths we will be looking at Place Value and numbers up to 10,000,000 as well as using and applying our understanding of the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). 


In English, our text is, 'Star of Fear, Star of Hope'. We will be looking at the features of a flashback story as well as then having a go at writing our own flashback story, based on events that have happened in the book.


In Science, we will be re-capping learning from Year 4 in our Earth and Space lessons. We will be diving deeper into how the solar system is made up and what we know about the Earth.


Within our Theme lessons, we are studying the Space Race. We will be exploring how the Cold War impacted the space travel we know and have today as well as investigating famous individuals who have travelled into space.


RE sees us looking at a World religion - Judaism. We will be looking at the rituals, ceremonies and places of worship to gain an understanding of what it is like to be Jewish.

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