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Spring 2

Theme Learning Question:

Are all settlements the same?

Curriculum Coverage:  

In Maths this term we will be focusing on Measurement (Length) and Fractions. In Measurement we will be learning how to measure and compare: lengths (m/cm/mm); mass (kg/g); volume/capacity (l/ml).This term we will also be learning how to add and subtract fractions with the same denominator within one whole. (eg 5/7 + 1/7 = 6/7).

In English, our text this term is ‘The Big Blue Whale’ by Nicola Davies. This beautiful book is explores what a blue whale feels, sounds and smells like. We will be learning to write descriptions and facts about a whale's size, life-span, diet, babies and more. Our Writing outcome will be a persuasive leaflet about the protection of these incredible mammals.

This half term we will be learning about different types of settlements and how land is used in different places. In this unit, we will learn how settlements have changed over time and why original locations were chosen for settlements. We will examine settlements in their local area, focusing on facilities and transport links and any change over time.

In Science, we will be learning about Electricity we will construct a simple series electrical circuits and we will be identifying and naming its basic parts, including cells, wires, bulbs, switches and buzzers. We will be learning how to identify whether or not a lamp will light in a simple series circuit, based on whether or not the lamp is part of a complete loop with a battery and if it has an open or closed switch.