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Starting children off through God’s love and Jesus’ teachings 

Enabling children to flourish and succeed


At St Paul’s Primary School, we have carefully designed our curriculum. As a school maintained by the Local authority, we have to teach The National Curriculum. As a school, we use this as a basis but go beyond it, in scope and ambition, to create well-sequenced and  knowledge-rich content which aims to inspire pupils and promote excellent outcomes for all. Our curriculum coherence ensures that teaching enables children to develop long-lasting knowledge and memories, as well as a secure understanding of subject disciplines.

Our curriculum aims to be accessible to all and complies with The Equality Act 2010 and Special Educational Needs and Disability Regulation 2014. We are deeply inclusive and all children learn together within the classroom areas.

Further information can be found below: 

The National Curriculum

The Equalities Act (Schools)

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Regulations 2014

Rolling Programme of Themes: what your child will be learning about each 1/2 term

Long Term Plan


EYFS Curriculum Progression Overview

Curriculum Progression Overviews for Foundation Subjects 

Design and Technology


Some photos of our vibrant and rich curriculum experiences