Have a lovely half-term holiday. See you back in school on Monday 5th June.
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St Paul's Church of England Primary School

The Christian Distinctiveness of St Paul's CE Primary School

Our Christian Values tree was developed by the children of St Paul’s


  • The tree represents our school.
  • The branches are our families, staff and governors.
  • The Leaves growing on our tree represent our children and how each one of them helps to create the Christian ethos that underpins everything in our school.
    Without our children the tree would be bare.
  • The roots of the tree are the Vision, ethos and values of our school shared by everyone.
    Without these strong roots our tree could not continue to grow.
  • The rays of sunshine shining on our tree shower our tree with our chosen Christian values ensuring that the tree flourishes.
    Without this sunshine our leaves would wither and fall.
  • The owl is the wisdom that is shared within our whole school community safely supported and protected by our tree.



You will see these reflected throughout all aspects of our school community and at all times