Sports day is on Friday 17th June (weather permitting). Key Stage 1 at 9.15am and key Stage 2 at 1.15pm. Please use usual paths to the school playground.
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St Paul's Church of England Primary School

Summer 2 2022

Year R Summer 2 2022: At the Seaside

This half term we will be learning:

What country do we live in and where is it on a map?

How do I use a compass?

What country would I like to visit on holiday?

How can I make a boat that floats?

How were seaside holidays similar/different in the past?

What different creatures live in the sea?

Important Vocabulary

Map, globe, atlas, compass, sea, land, island, coast, country, continent, seaside, beach, holiday, float, sink, sea creature, fins, gills, scales


  • How can I use Fred talk to help me to read?
  • How do I blend?
  • What words can I read with special friends in?
  • What red words can I read?


  • How do I write letters correctly ?
  • How can I use Fred fingers to help me to spell?
  • How do I spell red words?
  • What sentences can I write?



  • Which numbers are odd and even?
  • How can I sort objects into two different groups?
  • What does it mean if something is full/empty?


In Phonics this half term we will be revisiting set 1 and set 2 special friends. We will also continue practising red words – words that you can’t Fred talk and just have to learn. Any new sounds or red words we learn will be sent home in your child's bookbag. We will be using Fred talk to help us read new words and Fred fingers to help us spell.


In Maths we will be learning which numbers are odd and even, volume and capacity, sorting items into two groups and revisiting number bonds to 10.


In our Theme lessons we are learning about the seaside. This will include learning about where different countries are on a map and using a compass. We will have a go at making a boat that hopefully floats! We will also look at similarities between holidays now and in the past. Finally, we will research into life under the sea and different sea creatures.