Have a lovely half-term holiday. See you back in school on Monday 5th June.
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St Paul's Church of England Primary School

Summer 1

Theme Question:

Who was found under the Leicester car park?


Curriculum Coverage:



We will be consolidating all areas across the Key Stage Two curriculum in readiness for SATs week. We will also be looking at Year 9 statistics and geometry looks like. Following SATs week, and into Summer 2 term, we will be carrying out a range of practical and real-life scenarios involving maths. We will also be keeping our hands in arithmetic and problem-solving & reasoning tasks in readiness for secondary school.


Will also see revision and consolidation activities for the first couple of weeks. Alongside the revision we will also be completing an extended write that links to your History theme - we will be writing a police report based on a crime. Reading activities will also continue, to ensure these skills are not forgotten as your child prepares to move to secondary school.


This half-term we will be looking at an area of local history. We will be exploring Richard III and the roles he played whilst he was King of England as well as what actually happened during the War of the Roses. Due to the locality of this unit, we will also be visiting Bosworth Battlefield to further secure our understanding of this piece of British history. 

Religious Education:

Will see us exploring how different people, religions and beliefs see creation. The main focus will be on Christianity and how the idea of the creation story differs from the views of Scientists.