Revised starting/finishing times are 8.50am & 3.20pm for Reception and Key Stage 1 and 9am & 3.30pm for Key Stage 2. Please make sure that Y5/6, who walk by themselves, and grandparents, are also aware of this.
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St Paul's Church of England Primary School

Summer 1

Theme Question:

Are mountains a wonder or a danger?


Curriculum Coverage:

In Maths, we will be consolidating all areas across the Key Stage Two curriculum in readiness for SATs week. Following SATs week and into Summer 2 term, we will be carrying out a range of practical and real-life scenarios involving maths. We will also be keeping our hands in arithmetic and problem solving & reasoning tasks in readiness for secondary school.


English will also see revision and consolidation activities for the first couple of weeks. After we return from Norfolk Lakes, we will be basing our writing on our adventures whilst there. As a class, we will be able to create some high-quality pieces of writing. Reading activities will also continue, to ensure these skills are not forgotten as your child prepares to move to secondary school.


In Science, we will be getting back into Biology and exploring the natural world. The focus of this topic is the classification of animals and plants. We will be looking at everything from bacteria to an elephant and from moss to a mighty oak and how we can ask informed questions to group them correctly.


Within our Geography lessons, we keep the theme of nature and focus mainly on physical geography. We are exploring the mountains and mountain ranges of the world and how they are formed. We also look at topography and how climate changes the closer you get to the summit.