Revised starting/finishing times are 8.50am & 3.20pm for Reception and Key Stage 1 and 9am & 3.30pm for Key Stage 2. Please make sure that Y5/6, who walk by themselves, and grandparents, are also aware of this.
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St Paul's Church of England Primary School

Summer 1 2022

Our theme learning question this half term is: What different minibeasts can I find outside?


Year R Summer 1 2022: Minibeasts

This half term we will be learning about minibeasts.

We will be learning:

What different minibeasts can I find outside?

What is a habitat?

Why is camouflage important?

What is the life cycle of a butterfly?

What is symmetry?

How can I look after the environment?

Important Vocabulary

Minibeast, bug, insect, habitat, diet, camouflage, pattern, life cycle, symmetry, recycle, environment,


  • How can I use Fred talk to help me to read?
  • How do I blend?
  • What words can I read with special friends in?
  • What red words can I read?


  • How do I write letters correctly ?
  • How can I use Fred fingers to help me to spell?
  • How do I spell red words?
  • What sentences can I write?



  • How do I use a number line to help me to add and subtract ?
  • What is one more/less than numbers up to 20 ?
  • How do you double a number?
  • How do you half a number?


In Phonics we will be learning new sounds, red words and practising blending. Any new sounds or red words we learn will be sent home in your child's bookbag. We will be using Fred talk to help us to read new words and Fred fingers to help us to spell.


In Maths we will be learning how to use a number line to help us to add and subtract. We will also be looking at what is one more or less than numbers up to 20 and how to double and half.


In our Theme lessons we are learning about different minibeasts. This will include learning about habitats, pattern and camouflage, the life cycle of a butterfly and how we can look after the environment.


Our Christian value this half term is trust and we will be thinking about who we trust and why.