Farewell letter and video from Mrs Hurst (Click here)

Farewell letter and video from Mrs Hurst (Click here)

Dear Parents/Carers and wonderful children


As I say farewell this week to St Paul’s I have taken some time to reflect on the last 11 years!


When I arrived in September 2007 we had 171 children, a significantly deficit budget and an October 2007 OFSTED that wanted to say St Paul’s was inadequate!  I did manage to persuade them otherwise .. just …and ‘Satisfactory’ was given!


Now in 2018 we have 218 children and a waiting list, one of the healthiest budgets in Leicestershire and a 2016 OFSTED that found us Outstanding in every single area as well as an Outstanding outcome in our 2016 SIAMs Inspection.


We have great staffing levels with our own teachers supporting intervention and classroom cover. It is a very rare day that you will see a supply teacher in St Paul’s.
Our Teaching Assistants are now highly qualified and the team includes HLTAs, SHLTAs and ELSAs (I’ll let you look those up!) who probably play some of the most significant roles in the school.


We have new toilets, new ceilings, new doors throughout, nice bright signage and, more recently, a stunning school clock.
We have a purpose built 4+ classroom, a multi- use studio, a fabulous head teacher office to welcome visitors and prospective parents, a refurbished staffroom and a high-tech staff office for PPA.


We have a Playpod, growing boxes, and now the Daily Mile Track. 


Children love our collapsed curriculum days and we have visits and visitors, pupil groups and most importantly lots of fun!

Our challenge days have ranged from investigating the secret tunnel found under the school to REAL dinosaur eggs in a nest on the school field, from creating and building our own growing boxes to whole school walks to investigate our local farmland and many, many more with lots more planned.

We have ‘Gardening with Grandparents (or other special elderly friends or relatives)’ to look forward to next term!

Our results remain outstanding with regular congratulatory letters from Westminster and our children have a voice from being Sports Organisers to being members of the School Nutrition Action Group and many more.


So what does Outstanding really mean?


As Head Teacher of St Paul’s I have been consistently proud of our school and, of course, the achievements of all of our children.


Primary school years are very special years for our pupils and I wanted their time with us to provide them with some of their best memories ever.


Memories of happiness, friendship, discovery and success.


As I reflected on my time here I asked myself what the ingredients are for an outstanding school ……..


I’ll start with SUCCESS


I have always been impressed with the progress that our pupils make during their time with us.

Each one of our children has a positive attitude and makes a real contribution to our school.


Outcomes for pupils across all key stages have been amongst the highest not only in Leicestershire but also nationally for several years now.


When OFSTED graded us as OUTSTANDING in every single area I became a National Leader of Education meaning that St Paul’s was also accredited as a National Support School.

As an OUTSTANDING church school our Christian faith really does lie at the heart of all we do, creating and nurturing a safe and caring school community.


Ours has been a truly inclusive school where, within an environment of educational excellence, each child’s ability is recognised, valued and developed. 


The next ingredient is DISCOVERY


I am very proud of the interactive, hands-on, creative Curriculum we created together.

We have a fabulous topic based approach to learning with regular Challenge days, festivals, visits and visitors. Our aim is to make our learning exciting and meaningful.


…..and to create awesome MEMORIES of school for our children.


I’m also proud of the HUGE variety of extra-curricular activities we offer our children from yoga to chess to street dance – every week! 


School is regularly filled with the sound of our weekly music lessons including guitar, clarinet, flute, singing, violin and many more!


 ‘Gigantic Bowl of Cereal’ and ‘Planet Play’ are our popular breakfast and after-school clubs  providing quality child care for pupils from 7.45am to 6pm every day and even our toddlers and babies have great fun at school too at our weekly LITTLE PANDAs group which I created a few years ago and is still going strong.


Let’s mix in a little FRIENDSHIP


I want all of our children to look back on their school days as being carefree but also caring, safe and full of friendship.

Older children look out for younger children and no one feels alone for long. New children are welcomed and settle so quickly and the family feel in our school is a real joy to experience.

When children leave our school they leave with friendships forged ….for life!


One of my proudest moments was when OFSTED reported a child describing me as ‘The Mum of our big family’.




Probably the most important ingredient in our school.


Anyone who ever visits our school comments on how happy our children and staff are.


My main aim has been for our children to be safe, learn lots whilst having fun, make great friends but most of all to be happy.

Happy to come to school, happy to join in and take part and happy to have a go at lots of things!


I have summed up our school life in a video which is now on the website and hopefully when you see the happy children on film it will also bring a smile to your face and you’ll realise why I have had no problem creating our final ingredient – wonderful memories of St Paul’s.


I too will always have wonderful memories of St Paul’s which has played a major role, not just in my career, but also in my life.


My twin boys had their primary school years here with me and I too have made friends I will keep for life.


I have learnt so much which I will now take with me to my new school but before  I go I wanted to say thank you , thank you for the support you have given as well as your belief and confidence in how I have led the school.

Most importantly thank you for handing your wonderful children into my care each day, some of you for many years with several children.


If I am ever lucky enough to work with such happy, talented, creative and inspiring children again in my career I will have won the jackpot of all careers (well…who really cares about money…)


I have loved this job, all day, every day.

I am excited for a change for me and for St Paul’s but I also leave  with some sadness because I really will miss you all.


I leave you in the very capable and caring hands of Tim Foster, our incredible staff team and a highly effective governing body led by a brilliant Chair, Nick Dean.  I shall miss them all enormously.


Best wishes for another fantastic 11 years!



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