St Paul's Plastic Pledge

St Paul's Plastic Pledge



Please join St Paul’s in a ‘Wave’ of change starting today!


We collected plastic waste from our classrooms and our kitchen for one month.

On Monday morning after half term we put it all into a ‘Plastic Pile’ on the field to kick start our pledge to reduce our use of plastic.


Change is possible and it can start with us, as an individual, as families and as a school.


Plastic is everywhere, plastic is cheap but 91% of plastic is NOT recycled.

Let’ do our bit to turn the tide on plastic.


As a school we want to take the plastic pledge and work towards ticking every box as part of a long term plan.


Can you join us?




  • Say NO to plastic bags
  • Say NO to plastic straws
  • Say NO to plastic bottles
  • Buy loose fruit and vegetables
  • Eat sustainable fish
  • Use biodegradable Q tips
  • Never release balloons
  • Carry a reusable cup
  • Say NO to plastic cutlery
  • Use Eco-friendly glitter



On Monday the children saw our ‘plastic pile’ and then watched video clips showing how plastic is poisoning our oceans in an assembly led by Miss Patel. Our aim is to raise awareness, stimulate writing (of course) and inspire our children to care for, and love nature.


On Tuesday the children all worked with the wonderful Mrs Tomajer to create a sculpture of an endangered blue whale…..out of our plastic.




Our sculpture was created by us all. It confirmed our commitment to make a change.


We hope you will join us, talk to your children and do your bit at home.


Here is David Attenborough's message shared with the children.




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