Welcome back to School Year 2018/19

Welcome back to School Year 2018/19



Dear Parents/Carers,


Welcome back to the new academic year 2018/19.

What a glorious Summer it has been too!




We warmly welcome the following children to St Paul’s:-


New 4+ children


Holly Adey, Lily Bakewell, Imogen Bocock, Darcey Brennan, Floren Chada, Brooks Cropp, Arthur Earl, Esme Freeman, Hal Grant, Kitty Grantham, Riley Happer, Oliver Harrison, Rupert Harrison, Florence Jordan, Edward Kirby, Agnes Konopka, Edward Ladwiniec, Isla-Rose Leavelsey, Samaira Limbu, Elisa-Grace Mason, George McCormick, Oliver Packham, Lilith Paterson, Felix Reynolds, Ellis Richardson, Benjamin Richmond, Max Sargent, Iris Shepherdson and Tillie Warner.


New Older Children


Lacey Cramp (Yr 1), Oscar Mabbett, Kiyomi Rai and Dolly Noon (Yr 2), Reenisha Limbu and Leigh Hewlett (Yr 3), Adrian Rai and Tina Noon (Yr 4), Jamie Hewlett, Nathaniel Little, Imogen Mabbett, Billy Noon and Frankie Noon (Yr 5), Steven Noon (Yr 6).




We warmly welcome Miss Nicholls (Y3) and Mrs Yendell (Y6) and look forward to another exciting year with our new team.


Congratulations go to Mr Bacon who commences the year as our full time Deputy Head Teacher.


We also welcome Miss Beech who is our new ITT placement student in Y2





Please may I remind all families, but particularly our new families, the trim trail and maze should not be used before or after school. This is because it is not supervised by staff and increases the possibility of accidents to our children. The children have plenty of playtimes during the day to use these fun activities.




Dinosaurs 4+

Pirates Y1

Once Upon a Time Y2

Roald Dahl Y3

Horrible Histories (Anglo Saxons, Vikings to 1066) Y4

Indonesia Y5

A Local History Study (linked to WWII) Y6


Your help is always appreciated. Please let your child’s teacher or any teacher know if you have any skill, experience or knowledge that could help with any of these topics.




Weekly homework will involve spellings, reading, times table and other key skills. A half termly menu of other homework tasks will be available to fit in with every family lifestyle too.

Spelling lists may be sent home to learn a particular spelling rule.

Knowledge of the rule will be tested in school not the specific list of words e.g. if children are learning plurals of root words ending in the letter ‘y’ their word list may include flies and babies but their test words may be parties and spies.


We will be introducing an exciting on-line system for times table practice later this term. Look out for information coming soon!




Please may I remind you that holidays during term time WILL NOT be authorised except in rare, exceptional circumstances.




After your exciting and busy holidays please, please could you make sure that your children have everything they need for the school day before they come to school. This includes items such as lunch boxes, water bottles, musical instruments, coats, PE kits etc. Unfortunately late deliveries can cause inconvenience to our busy office and disruption to the classes whilst lessons are in process. Maybe have a check list on your fridge …I do!

All late items that are dropped off after the start of the school day will be kept in a box in the office until your child or class teacher can visit the office during break or lunchtime.




Once again we have been busy over the summer term improving facilities for the children.

Nearly all of our old metal framed (non-Eco friendly!) windows have been replaced.


Our school hall floor has also had a face-lift and is looking rather splendid with it’s brand new surface.


A new school clock has been designed and is ready to install next week. This has been partly funded by a very kind donation from Mr & Mrs Fraser who wanted to thank the school when their third child departed at the end of the year.

Thank you so very much.




We are making improvements to school systems in line with GDPR requirements and also in response to our recent questionnaire (a summary to be sent soon).


Look out for a new electronic sign-in system and an on-line payment system for dinner money.

We are also updating school record systems and our behaviour rewards are going electronic too!




Some projects being investigated for this year include the following


  • Development of our garden (with the support of the PTA)
  • Installation of a new ‘Daily Mile’ Track
  • New gate at Park and Stride entrance,
  • Updated signage
  • Refurbishment of office space and increased storage.
  • Phased decoration and mobile toilet improvements.
  • Development of the learning space on ‘Catch up Corner’




If your KS2 child has a packed lunch please could you remind them that holidays are over and they must have healthy alternatives to crisps and chocolate bars. Snacks are permitted if divided into small Tupperware (or similar) boxes. Packaged crisps etc are not permitted to ensure that healthy habits are encouraged for the future.


You may also want to consider other alternatives to sweets for birthday treats. If sweets are sent in they will be distributed but children will be told to ask Mum, Dad or whoever is looking after them for permission before eating them.




Please may I remind you that dogs are not permitted on school grounds (even if carried) and should never be tied and left unattended at the school gates.

A friendly dog bit a child who petted it at a school gate at one of our local schools so I’m afraid there are no exceptions. As an owner of a super friendly, big Golden Retriever I understand your predicaments but it has to be children first which means no dogs.


Dates for your Diary


Our diary dates for the year are now published on the website www.st-pauls.leics.sch.uk

Click on ‘Calendar’ in the Parents Info tab and then click on the name of the month you want to see the details of. Further information associated with the dates will be added as the year progresses. Please look through the dates and make a note in your personal diary for any dates that affect you or your child. Key dates are also set out in your child’s Partnership Book.


In our recent questionnaire some parents asked for earlier information on key dates.

Every year our dates for the whole year are published ready for September.

We hope this is helpful to you.


Please note that ALL DATES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE DUE TO UNFORSEEN CIRCUMSTANCES e.g. staff changes, weather etc.


A paper copy of dates may be requested from the office if you do not have access to the internet.


I will also send a handy leaflet of general reminders home with the children as well as a list of term times and holidays. Please take the time to read these and put them somewhere handy for future reference.


Here’s looking forward to another OUTSTANDING year for St Paul’s!


Yours sincerely

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