Dukes Barn Day One

Dukes Barn Day One

Today was the day that we started our adventure to Dukes Barn!

The bus journey was full of songs, telling knock-knock jokes and making each other laugh. Even though we travelled in snowy conditions, we arrived safely at Dukes Barn and were greeted by our instructors. We all couldn’t wait to have a tour of the Dukes Barn Centre and of course get started on the activities!

Due to the lake and streams being frozen, canoeing and stream walking was changed to a snowy adventure! We all hiked through the fields, hills and forest. Snow was all around us which is why we made snow holes, rolled down the banks and of course had a snow playfight! When we reached the top, we were lucky to have hot chocolate and biscuits before we walked back to the centre.

When travelling back, we noticed the snow was melting quickly which created humongous puddles for us to jump and splash in! We did start to get tired but we used our Growth Mindset to help each other complete our 2hour and 15minute walk!


As we speak, the children are currently making their beds (all by themselves!) and getting settled with their bunk buddies. We all cannot wait for the fun to continue!



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