Some Useful Day to Day Information for Parents

Some Useful Day to Day Information for Parents

St Paul’s CE Primary School


Academic Year 2019/2020




Getting off to a good start

All of our lovely staff are available for minor queries and messages for five minutes every morning at 8.55am and for ten minutes during dismissal at home time. After the morning bell teachers will take the class in and your children will say goodbye to you. If you have any further queries or haven’t had time to talk to the teacher PLEASE could you direct these to Teaching Assistants or the Head Teacher who will often still be on the playground. On rainy mornings please bring children to the rear hall doors, where they will be received by staff and brought into the hall (Robins Class should go straight into their classroom).


A smooth finish to the day

If your child is to go home with another parent/carer (e.g. for tea or to play) please can you let your child's teacher or Gigantic Bowl of Cereal staff know that morning (either by speaking or by note in the partnership book). If you are not the person bringing your child into school that day, please ask the parent/carer who is bringing them into school to let the teacher know that there is a note in the partnership book. The office can only take messages in exceptional circumstances or emergencies. This is to avoid interruptions in the classroom and to save valuable administration time. Could you please also make sure that the parent/carer your child is going home with has a contact number for you because school cannot share the details they have in school. Although it may be a little awkward we are not allowed to dismiss pupils to anyone that is not a named contact without this information being passed to staff. Please try to be understanding.



Please leave all your teddies and other toys at home and look forward to giving them a cuddle at home-time. Unfortunately they can get lost or damaged at school and you will be too busy with all your exciting learning to look after them.


Planet Play

All messages about Planet Play and GBC bookings or cancellations should be rung into school and a message left on Option 2. Alternatively, email These messages are regularly checked by staff throughout the day.

Booking conditions must be read and adhered to in order to retain a place.


Looking smart in school uniform

School uniform with logo must be worn at all times. Keep nail polish, spiky hair-dos, jewellery, fancy hair accessories, heels or boots for the weekend! Please make sure your child has a blue polo top with a logo for their outer wear in the Summer Term unless they are wearing a blue summer gingham dress.

Black, smart school shoes are the only acceptable footwear and open toe sandals are not allowed for health and safety reasons. Hair bands and bobbles should be blue, black or grey only.

Uniform adaptations for religious or cultural reasons can be accommodated - please speak to the Headteacher.



Plain stud or sleeper ear-rings may only be worn on non PE days. Please check your child’s partnership book and remove any ear-rings before school. This will prevent any loss of ear-rings removed at school. The only ear-rings that can be taped are those in the first six weeks of piercing.


Partnership Book

Please remember to use your child’s Partnership Book and take advantage of the weekly page to pass on or receive messages to/from the Teacher. The Partnership Book also includes key dates and events, so please look in here or on our website for details, rather than ringing the office.


Collection from After School Activity Clubs

If your child has fun in one of our many after school clubs (not including Planet Play) then you will need to collect him or her PROMPTLY from reception at the end of the session. The club organiser will bring your child to the door and pass them safely to you.

Access to the reception is via the Rawlins Close gate entrance only.

Everyone needs to agree to this policy to secure their child's place in a club.


Drop off for Gigantic Bowl of Cereal and Collection from Planet Play

Parents may use the Rawlins Close entrance for the purpose of dropping off and collecting individual children from GBC or PP. We advise parking at the Village Hall or Main Street, please be courteous towards our neighbours. 

Please come to Reception and press the brown intercom button. A member of our staff will speak to you over the intercom and then collect or deliver your child from, or to, you.




The staff car-park should ONLY be used for staff and drop-off/collection for medical appointments or similar during the school day.



Administration of Medicines

A consent form, available from the office, needs to be completed and accompany any medicine administered in school. All medicine must be clearly labelled with your child’s name, in date, original packaging with clear dosage instructions or prescription.


Water Bottles

Children should have a labelled water bottle in school every day. This should be filled with fresh water. Juice, Cordial or other drinks are not permitted under the DFE Food Standards for Schools.


Lost Property

If your child has lost an item of uniform please could you let your child's teacher know in the first instance (either by speaking to or by note in the partnership book) who will then be able to look in the classroom/cloakroom for you. If the item cannot be found then your child will be asked to look in the lost property during the school day. To make sure that lost items are reunited with your child, please make sure all their personal items are clearly named. Lost Property is not kept in the office so please don’t ask office staff at the window because they won’t know! Don’t worry; lost items that cannot be found immediately often turn up within a day or two!


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