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St Paul's Church of England Primary School

Autumn 2

Theme Learning Question:

Does the time fit the crime?


Curriculum Coverage:

In Maths, we are delving into the wonderful world of fractions! We will be looking at mixed numbers, improper fractions and how to convert from one to the other. Further to this, we will be adding and subtracting fractions and experiencing them in different formats such as word problems and pictorial representations.


In English, our text is, ‘The Lost Happy Endings’. We follow our character called Jub in a fairy tale style story. In this beautifully written tale, we look at the use of descriptive and figurative language. We will be writing our own tale and will enjoy writing a gripping narrative. In our final write we will be able to showcase what we have learnt this half term such as, up levelled expanded noun phrases, similes, personification, speech and much more.  


In Science, we are looking at Light. This learning area will concentrate on how we see, refraction, parts of the eye and show colours are seen.


Within our Theme lessons, we are investigating how Crime and Punishment have changed over time. We will be exploring periods of time and looking at the trends and how Laws have changed and been adapted. Also, we will be looking at the Suffragette movement and the creation of the Magna Carta. 


RE sees us continuing with our look into the religion of Islam. We take a look at Zakat and charity organisations and also draw comparison between Muslim and Christian places of worship.