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St Paul's Church of England Primary School

Autumn 2



This half term we will be learning about 'The Marvellous Midlands'. We will be learning to locate cities and counties within the Midlands. We will be learning to identify human and physical features of cities in the midlands on a map. We will explore how the city of Leicester is diverse and we will compare an inner-city area to Woodhouse Eaves. In Science, we will be learning about Light and Shadow. We will be learning that shadows are formed when the light from a light source is blocked by an opaque object. The children will explore how shadows and light are created, then conduct practical experiments, using tests to explore their predictions and to gain an understanding of results of the experiments. 




This half term in maths we will continue to focus on addition and subtraction using column methods. Pupils will look at simple and multi-step problems, using column addition and subtraction to support their understanding. We will also look at areas of shapes and continue to practice multiplication problems and build on our prior times table knowledge.




This half term our book is 'Leon and the Place Between' by Angela Mcallister. Pupils will learn to proof read their writing, to make improvements and corrections accurately and appropriately. Pupils will also be focusing on building their understanding of how to create descriptive writing through expanded noun phrases, effective verbs, use of conjunctions and a range of thoughts and feelings to express emotion.