Revised starting/finishing times are 8.50am & 3.20pm for Reception and Key Stage 1 and 9am & 3.30pm for Key Stage 2. Please make sure that Y5/6, who walk by themselves, and grandparents, are also aware of this.
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St Paul's Church of England Primary School

Autumn 2

Theme Learning Question:

Is it right to fight?

Curriculum Coverage:

In Maths we will be looking at fractions. Within this area of maths, we will be adding and subtracting fractions, finding equivalent fractions, simplifying fractions, ordering & comparing, multiplying & dividing fractions as well as experiencing a range of problem-solving lessons around fractions. 


In English, our text is, 'Can We Save the Tiger?'. This text takes the form of a hybrid (information) text. Within our English lessons, we will be exploring the features of hybrid texts as well as enhancing our application of modal verbs and adverbs of possibility. 


In Science, we will exploring electricity and be using a range of resources within school as we experiment with circuits and components within a simple and parallel circuit. Our learning will be more practical as we investigate what happens within circuits when different outputs and components are used and/or added. 


Within our Theme lessons, we are studying the World Wars. Our learning will focus on why both the Wars began and how they ended. We will also be looking at: the Blitz; evacuation and evacuees; Home Front, Women during the War and what it was like to be Jewish during this period of time.


RE sees us looking at a Christian Focus, 'Was Jesus the Messiah?' We will be looking at examples within the Old Testament which talks about a 'rescuer' or 'anointed one'.

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