Welcome to Spring 2

 Welcome to the second half of the spring term, I hope you all had a lovely half term break.


Early Years Curriculum

This half term our topic is ‘Food, glorious food’ and we will be thinking about where in the world different foods and drinks come from and how they are grown or made. To develop our Understanding of the World we will be making and sampling a variety of healthy foods and giving our opinions on foods we like or dislike. We will be planting and caring for seeds, observing how they grow and talking about the things they need to help them. Within our Literacy sessions we will use the experiences we have had to help us write instructions for making healthy dishes and how to plant and care for seeds. We will also continue to develop our reading and writing skills through daily phonics and guided reading sessions.

During our Maths sessions we will be developing our understanding of doubling, halving and sharing and we will use equipment to help us solve simple mathematical problems. We will also be focusing on using positional language and giving directions using technology such as the beebots to help us.

During Personal, Social and Emotional sessions we will be talking about our feelings and how to manage them. We will consider the importance of appreciating our own and others’ beliefs, showing empathy and reflection.

This half term, during our PE focus, we will be incorporating our gymnastics skills into dance sessions. We will be combining movements in basic sequences and developing our ability to move to a beat.

The children will also have the chance to explore a range of aspects within music, RE and ICT through guided and independent sessions. Within our French sessions we will focus on naming different types of foods.

To enhance our learning during this topic we are hoping to visit a local farm to explore which different foods animals provide and what types of crops are grown locally.


Leaps and ladders

This half term our learning leaps themes are:

Reading: Reading by myself

Writing: Punctuation

Maths: Doubling, halving and sharing


Please look out for your child’s new leaps targets within their partnership book. If you would like any support or ideas for learning at home please feel free to come and talk to me.


Reading at home

Thank you again for your continued support with reading at home, the children are all becoming enthusiastic readers! I hope the children are enjoying reading their books with an adult at home. Please ensure your child brings their reading book to school in their book bag every day ready to be changed.



This is going to be another great half term in the 4+… we just know it!


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