Year 3: Roman Experience

Year 3: Roman Experience

Year 3 were lucky enough to learn about life as a Roman soldier thanks to a visit from Roman centurion Lucius Felix Silvas this week (Thursday 1st February).


‘Felix’ was dressed in full Roman attire to welcome his new recruits into the hall. Here they learned about items of Roman dress and the weapons they carried – including their correct Latin names!


The importance of knowing your right hand from your left hand was drilled into the children as this attention to detail was integral to the Roman fighting machine. Having got to grips with their left and right hands the children were informed of the different tasks for which they could be used. During this they discovered a little about the Romans’ invasion of Britannia and also re-enacted a battle between the native Celts and conquering Romans.


Life away from the Army was also touched upon as the children discovered some of the ‘delicacies’ consumed by the Romans in their rich villas. They also learned a little about how the Romans entertained themselves in everyday life.


Once Lucius had departed, the children completed their Roman experience by designing shields and creating mosaic tiles back in the class room.

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