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THANK YOU so much for supporting our 2017 Harvest Appeal.

Our cow banks were filled and smoothies devoured.

We will let you know the total when the count is completed.


We are delighted to share that for all Harvest fundraising during 1st October – 31st December, every pound donated will be matched by the UK Government for the UK Aid Mother & Child appeal.


Send a Cow tell us that just £210 will help provide seeds, tools and training for SEVEN families in Africa!


The children learnt today that around 220 million people in Africa go hungry every day and, until very recently five year old girl called Florence was one of them.

Who is Florence?

Sadly, Florence’s father died before she was born. Her mother, Mary, decided to move back from the town where they lived to her home village where she hoped to be able to grow enough food to feed the family -  Florence and her six brothers and sisters.

But Florence's mother had never grown food before and didn't know how to make a start.

Florence use to dream of eating rice and banana plantain, or even a little meat. But there was only a jackfruit and mango tree in the garden and this was all there was for Florence to eat… and that was only when in season.


Florence regularly went to bed feeling ravenously hungry until Send a Cow stepped in to help.

With seeds , tools and training, provided by people in the UK, they are now teaching Florence’s mother how to farm her land and she has already had her first bountiful harvest.

Now Florence not only has nutritious vegetables to eat, but her mother has sold some of her produce, and with the money she can afford to send her daughter to school.

Florence hopes that another of her dreams will come true and she will become a teacher one day!


The Send a Cow process involves ‘passing-on’.

This means that the first female calf of every cow is given to another poor family.

In turn, when their cow has it’s first calf, they will do the same.


This way, the gift goes on multiplying and making this development sustainable.

Training is also passed on to other members of the community so that they can learn to grow more vegetables too.


The money gained through selling excess vegetables or milk at local markets is very useful. It could mean that children can go to school, that they can vary their diets and buy essential items.

Sometimes, this will mean investing in other things that bring money into the house e.g. chickens. These benefits give people a helping hand up and out of poverty.


So Harvest is really, really important for the families the charity works with.

Not only is it the time they can pick healthy vegetables to eat.

It’s also their opportunity to pick something to sell to give them the best start in life.

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