France 2017 Day 3

France 2017 Day 3

What a busy and exciting day we have had today!  It started with banners and balloons for our birthday boy and girl.


Our first activity was a guided tour of the chateau and of Rue.  The children loved hearing a wide range of fascinating stories about the history of where we are staying.  Having just finished studying World War Two at school, the occupation of Rue and the chateau were of particular interest to the children.  As part of the tour, the children were able to practise more of their French when we stopped at a café to order drinks.  Everyone very successfully ordered en Francais!


In the afternoon we first stopped at Chocolat de Beussent Lachelle where the children were instantly excited by the enticing scent of melted chocolate.  Our guide explained and showed us the chocolate making process; we all were able to sample the delicious chocolates.  In the shop many of the children chose to buy some of the chocolates which was another perfect opportunity to practise their French.


Our last excursion for the day was to a goat farm.  The children loved feeding the animals and having the chance to interact with them.  We even had to check hoods before boarding the coach to make sure no one was trying to smuggle a rabbit back to the chateau!  During the tour of the farm our charismatic host showed us how to make goats cheese.  As she didn’t speak any English, the children had to use their burgeoning French skills to understand what she was saying.  They all did incredibly well.


This evening the children are taking part in a French quiz which will be rounded off with cake and singing for our birthday children.

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