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STEM Challenge Week

This week is our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) Challenge Week and what an amazing and educational week we've had! Throughout the week we completed different challenges and experiments based around the key areas within STEM. Here's what we got up to...

We used different foods to help us explore the concepts of floating and sinking and were surprised with some of our results! We thought about gravity and created our own balancing snakes. To link to our topic 'Food, glorious food' we were set the challenge of creating suitable homes for animals using different types of food and we came up with some fantastic structures! We enjoyed a special session learning how to program and control drones. We worked together in small groups to input instructions on the ipads and watched as our corresponding drone took flight! We turned cream into butter using only containers and some very crazy shaking movements! Finally, we thought about which bedding would help our cress seeds to grow best: cotton wool, sand, tissue or compost. After making our predictions we set to work planting our seeds in the different beddings and will monitor their growth to see whose prediction was correct!

Phew... all that in one week!

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