Happiness Friendship Discovery Success Memories  

New Walk Museum

Our visit to New Walk Museum’s Ancient Egypt exhibition was a fabulous morning for all of the children. When we arrived we were greeted by our enthusiastic guide Andy. He took us through into the exhibition and began explaining what we were going to be doing for the morning. At which point he started to ask the children some questions to gauge their understanding of the topic. I have to say, with great pride, that our children were able to answer all the question expertly and add some of their own details for good measure.


After the initial greeting the children had a chance to examine and touch some Ancient Egyptian artefacts. All of these artefacts were from the ancient Egyptian time, one bowl was even 3500-year-old (the children were all very careful. After that the children were split into four groups and undertook different activities. The children created their own amulets, removed the organs from a human body and placed them in Canopic Jars (only pretend), dressed up in traditional Egyptian clothes and used a bow drill which the Ancient Egyptians used for starting fires.


All of the children had a fantastic time and enhanced what they already knew about Ancient Egypt

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