Year 2 Newsletter Summer 2

Year 2 Newsletter Summer 2

Our topic this term is Castles.

In English we will be listening to, comparing and writing poems about dragons using descriptive language. We will be writing information texts about dragons and castles. Following our trip to Warwick Castle, we will write a recount of our visit. We will also be writing instructions. We will be focusing on our handwriting this term and will be continuing to use all four types of sentence in our writing.

 In Maths we will be learning about different types of measurement. We will be choosing and using appropriate standard units to estimate and measure length/height, mass, temperature and capacity to the nearest appropriate unit. We will also be learning to tell and write the time to five minutes and draw the hands on a clock face to show these times. During Money Week, we will be learning how to find different combinations of coins that equal the same amounts of money. We will also be learning to solve simple problems in a practical context involving addition and subtraction of money of the same unit, including giving change.

 In Science, our topic is the uses of everyday materials. We will be identifying and discussing the uses of different everyday materials so that we become familiar with how some materials are used for more than one thing or how different materials are used for the same thing. We will also be thinking about the properties of materials that make them suitable or unsuitable for particular purposes. We will find out how the shapes of solid objects made from some materials can be changed by squashing, bending, twisting and stretching.

 In Art we will paint pictures of dragons using watercolours. We will make a model of a castle using junk materials- include a working drawbridge and a tower. We will look at royal coat of arms and design our own coat of arms for a shield.

 In PE we will be learning how to play net games.  We will learn how to strike balls with rackets. We will also be improving our throwing and catching skills. We will then learn how to play simple net games and how to keep score. PE kits will be needed on Wednesdays and Fridays.

 In RE we will be learning about the meaning of symbols in different religions and will design our own symbol to represent the value of friendship.

In History we will be learning about castles. We will be learning the names for the different parts of a castle and about the function of each different part. We will learn about the different types of castles and will be researching famous castles, including Windsor castle. We will be learning about who lived and worked  in castles and what life was like inside a castle. We will find out how castles were defended and will be doing a local study of Richard the Third.

 In ICT we will be researching castles using websites. We will also be exploring how computer games work. We will try to work out how some simple Scratch games work and will look at free online or open source games and share our favourite games with the class. As part of this, we will learn how to choose games wisely and we will learn about the importance of playing computer games in moderation.

Our Learning Leaps for this half term are:

Maths: Measures

Writing: Handwriting

Reading: Viewpoint

Your child’s personalised targets for these will be published in their partnership book.

 If you think you can support our topic this half term in any way, I would love to hear from you.


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