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Our Ethos and Mission Statement



This Policy is carried out within the context and spirit of the school’s Ethos


and Mission Statement.



Our Ethos Statement



We are a church school where our Christian faith lies at the heart of our ethos, creating and nurturing a compassionate and secure community in the sight of God.


We are an inclusive school where, within an environment of educational excellence, each child’s ability is recognised, valued and developed through a creative and challenging curriculum.


We are the centre of a wider partnership between parents, local churches and the community working to prepare our children for their next steps in life whilst developing the joy of “learning from the past…………looking to the future.”



The following mission statement and aims form the basis of the work and life of our school:



Our Mission



At St Paul’s CE Primary School we believe that it is important that each child is given the opportunity to develop his/her full potential and we are continuously striving to raise achievement and to provide education of the highest quality within the context of Christian belief and practice.


Our school seeks to provide a rich and creative curriculum with the highest expectations for our children to attain high standards in all core skills and subject areas whilst developing their interests and abilities in the wider curriculum.



Our school aims to provide a happy, safe and caring environment where everyone is treated with respect.


We encourage good manners and responsibility, and promote a positive attitude to learning by recognising positive behaviour, effort, high self-esteem and achievement through our consistent system of rewards.



The Christian ethos of our school is a core principle underpinning and permeating all that we seek to undertake and achieve. We also acknowledge that we are a multi-faith society and develop an understanding of all other faith traditions and welcome the contribution that they can bring to our school.



At St Paul’s all children have the opportunity to participate in a daily act of collective worship centred on the teachings of the bible and including hymns and prayers. It is our intention that principle Christian festivals and other major events in the school year are marked by an appropriate act of collective worship.



Pupils are encouraged to support local charities and community projects with their time, talent and contributions promoting values such as truthfulness, honesty, generosity, selflessness and loyalty.



Our children learn the basic rules for keeping themselves healthy and safe and for behaving well. They have opportunities to show they can take increasing responsibility for themselves and their environment.


The children are encouraged to have a voice in school planning and we have a school council with representatives from every class who meet regularly to give ideas on planned improvement and to help find ways of making school life even better.



Christian Distinctiveness. 




  • The tree represents our school
  • The branches are our families, staff and governors.
  • The Leaves growing on our tree represent our children and how each one of them helps to create the Christian ethos that underpins everything in our school.
    Without our children the tree would be bare.
  • The roots of the tree are the Vision, ethos and values of our school shared by everyone.
    Without these strong roots our tree could not continue to grow.
  • The rays of sunshine shining on our tree shower our tree with our chosen Christian values ensuring that the tree flourishes. Without this sunshine our leaves would wither and fall.
  • The owl is the wisdom that is shared within our whole school community safely supported and protected by our tree.

Our chosen Christian values are








You will see these reflected throughout all aspects of our school community and at all times



 Our School Values



  1. To provide an environment where all members of our school community are happy, enjoy school and achieve, are safe, make healthy choices and make a positive contribution to school life.



  1. To provide the very best education for all of our children where each child’s ability is developed through a creative, exciting, enjoyable, skills based and challenging curriculum.



  1. To develop children’s natural curiosity and help them to be excited and inspired by their learning.



  1. To build children’s self-esteem in an environment of high expectations where effort is recognised and achievement is valued.



  1. To actively celebrate the many, varied achievements and talents of all of our children and to contribute to the development of their future economic wellbeing.



  1. To have mutual respect in all of our relationships in order to create a secure and safe learning environment despite any religious , ethnic , cultural or socio-economic differences.



  1. To ensure that high expectations of effort and best behaviour are promoted through positive experiences for all pupil groups.



  1. To develop the skills for our children to become considerate and capable members of a variety of local and Global Communities whilst embracing and celebrating opportunities to develop links and create partnerships within the cultural diversity of our world.



  1. To work in partnership with parents, carers, local churches and the community to raise achievement and support social, moral, spiritual  and cultural development.



Our Children have rewritten these values in their own words to ensure they fully understand them to fully embrace them.


  • St. Paul's CE Primary School
  • Meadow Road
  • Woodhouse Eaves
  • Loughborough
  • LE12 8SA
  • United Kingdom
  • Tel: 01509 890483
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