Life After Levels - Important Info for Parents

Life After Levels - Important Info for Parents

Life after Levels


Leaps and Ladders for Reading, Writing and Maths.



We start this academic year with our new assessment procedures in place. Progress is now monitored, without National Curriculum levels, in line with Government policy.



Many schools are still unsure as to how to tackle this new initiative but St Paul’s has been ahead of the game for some time. This is due to our previous use of our half termly Curriculum Targets (ARCT) alongside our National Curriculum level assessments (numerical targets).



We have now further developed our ARCT system to create a continuous ladder of ’Learning Leaps’ based on the new National Curriculum and covering all key areas of learning in Reading, Writing and Maths.



Children will work on a series of these progressive key skills, in line with the curriculum and our long term plan, over each half term.



‘Learning Leaps’ will be displayed in classrooms and personalised Leaps for your child will be published in their partnership book.



We have used the term ‘Leap’ because we do not expect our children to rush through their learning.  They will start by being taught the key skill and will begin to understand it. As they begin to develop their understanding they will practice using or applying it until they are secure in their understanding. We will then look to see if they are applying this skill independently in a variety of different contexts. When this is being evidenced we will know that they have mastered this aspect of learning.



The aim is for your child to master their learning and not just rush through a series of steps. We are looking for deeper learning and when we see it regularly we will know that your child is ready to ‘leap’ to the next stage.



It will be really helpful if you could discuss your child’s personal ‘Leaps and Ladders’ with them at home on a regular basis and try to find time to practise or reinforce their learning.



The ‘Leaps’ progress over time so a child in 4+ may have a ‘Learning Leap’ to master in maths such as ‘to count reliably from 1 to 20’ whereas child in year 3 may be aiming to master the ability ‘to find 10 or 100 more or less than a given number’ whilst a child in year 6 may be learning to read, write, order and compare numbers up to three decimal places.



 All these ‘Leaps’ are key skills for learning about number and place value.



Children will have more than one ‘Leap’ to master each half term and some children may have different ‘Leaps’ to others depending on their starting point.  They will all, however, progress through their ladders without missing any rungs and master each ‘Leap’ before they tackle the next one.


We really hope you will be able to support your child in their learning and enjoy watching them successfully master each new ‘Leap’.



Parents’ and Carers’ Evenings in September will be an opportunity to see which ‘Leaps’ your child is working on this half term.


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