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The Curriculum 2018/19


The Curriculum


At St Paul’s we are proud of our creative curriculum. Pupils are taught through a topic based approach. Our long term plan ensures a progressive and balanced coverage of all National Curriculum areas and RE whilst allowing for interactive and exciting teaching and learning.


Topics change half termly and include visits or visitors to bring each topic to life. Teaching is enriched by these visits and/or visitors, the use of our community and our local environment. KS2 benefit from a residential visit to France where they spend a week in rural France immersed in the local culture and language.  As a result of these outstanding opportunities pupils develop high levels of independence both socially and academically.


We have regular festival focus lessons to ensure that children deepen their understanding of other religions and cultures and Challenge Days to enrich our curriculum and take children to a whole new level of learning.


Our curriculum is underpinned by both our Christian values and the core British values to ensure that equality and inclusion are permeate all of our learning.


The teaching of National Curriculum science is linked to our topics and scientific investigaton is reinforced during our annual science week.

Activities during this week enhance independent thinking, teamwork, speaking & listening skills and investigation skills



The teaching of pupil independence is effective by empowering pupils to develop personal responsibility and organisation skills through a consistent, structured approach to homework linked to our age related curricular targets


Consistently good teaching through our topics enable pupils to use their life skills, initiative and economic understanding, for example, through developing business enterprise opportunities e.g. our Enterprise Day where pupils raise an average of £500 from a budget of £1 per pupil whilst having an enjoyable and exciting experience.


Pupils regularly perform to the local community enhancing community links and confirming our Christian Ethos.


Pupils take on roles of responsibility throughout the school and rise to these challenges showing excellent care and guidance for younger pupils. Roles range from Sports Organising Crews
to School Nutrition Action Groups - see our Childrens' Zone  for more information.


High quality Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural teaching as well as established policy results in pupils making healthy choices and excellent extra curricular sporting opportunities support children to make healthy lifestyle choices.


The teaching of performing arts is prioritised to provide high profile opportunities for learners to develop competence, confidence and creativity by involvement in: performing in parent assemblies, Nativity, Easter and End of Term church services, Christmas Stage Productions, and Y4 whole class clarinet lessons and Y3 & Y5 professional singing lessons. Many also perform together in the after school drama club and lunchtime choir.


Theatre groups regularly visit school to enrich our topics and to provide opportunities to get involved in role play.



Pupils experience success through engaging with our creative curriculum and this success raises pupils’ self-esteem, self-motivation and self-confidence, impacting positively on their enjoyment of school life.



Teachers plan carefully across 5 different levels ensuring that our higher attaining pupils have different points of entry to our lessons with clear opportunities  to communicate clearly and confidently.


 All of our topics have a global and ant-racist perspective to ensure that children have a clear understanding that racism is unacceptable and that the global community offers many incedible opportunities. We have also identified opportunities to strengthen British Values in a meaningful way linked to topics or curriculum events.


We teach reading through a progressive approach to phonics using Letters and Sounds and the teaching of comprehension across KS1 & KS2.

Our reading books are colour banded and incorporate a variety of schemes.


We support our vulnerable readers with additional weekly reading support each week.



We have regular themed days and weeks to inspire and excite our pupils and enable them to learn exceptionally well across the curriculum.


We regularly use cross curricular opportunities linked to our topics to enrich our teaching with visits, visitors and interactive teaching.


 Our long term plan is attached which shows progression and coverage for each year group.


More details are available in your Partnership Book and in the class pages on the web-site.


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